Introduction to Short Term Car Insurance

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Short term car insurance provides cover for a short period generally between one and 28 days in length. There are many reasons why one should choose to purchase short term insurance including:

• A friend, family member or other acquaintance is using your car for a short period.
• You are driving another person’s car for a trip or simply to take them to the airport or train station.
• You are test driving a new car.
• You are sharing driving with other people on a trip in either your car or their car.
• You are driving a courtesy car.

Many people simply forget about the need for car insurance for something as trivial as driving friends to the airport in their car. However, if your present insurance policy does not provide cover for such driving circumstances, then it is a good idea to be safe rather than sorry.

Short term car insurance is generally available to anyone with a valid driver’s license. However, most companies have age restrictions. Some companies will have only a minimum age restriction, for example, you must be at least 21 years old. Other companies have both a minimum and maximum age limit, for example, between 25 and 75 years.

What does short term car insurance cover?
Coverage depends on the insurance company and the specific policy. For this reason, you should read the fine print of the policy carefully before making a final decision. If you are unsure about any details, simply ask the insurance company for clarification. The basic types of cover are accident, liability, theft and personal injury.

Accident insurance protects the insured in case of an auto accident. The policy will generally pay to repair or replace the damaged vehicle. Some policies may provide a courtesy vehicle if there is any delay in repairing or replacing your auto.

Liability insurance protects the insured drivers from liabilities that arise as a result of an accident or other driving-related event. In case other drivers or passengers are injured or killed in any of the vehicles involved in the accident, liability insurance will pay for all or part of the damages. In some cases, the coverage will also extend to legal expenses connected with the accident.

Theft and personal injury cover protect against theft of the vehicle and injury to the insured drivers. For example, if the vehicle is stolen or some parts are stolen, the policy would replace whatever was stolen. Personal injury cover will pay for the medical expenses of the injured drivers in case of an accident.

The premium required for short term car insurance is dependent on a number of factors including age and driving record.

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